Working With Us

Email your CV/proposal to
[email protected]

RMI is happy to consider new alliances with consultants, NGO or academic institutions or other development organizations that share our same values and background, and would like to partner with us to provide technical support services to Government and their International Development partners.

Consultants with a strong background in development, particularly in those areas listed under our Services page, are invited to apply to be considered to be part of the RMI services for its clients. RMI considers both international and national consultants who have both expertise in specialist areas and understanding of the development context and donors, so that together we can deliver excellence to our Clients. We are interested in long term relationships with trusted consultants. To apply to register with the RMI database please email your CV to [email protected]. Other specific program roles will be listed below when advertised.

Institutions such as NGOA?ai??i??ai???s, universities, researchers and development organizations who have strong affiliations with the Services of RMI are invited to apply to be considered as part of RMI partnerships. We are looking for both local and regional organizations for knowledge exchange, product and resource sharing and to work in partnership on Client development programs. To apply to register with the RMI partnership platform please email your proposal to [email protected].

Privacy: your CV and any other information shall be used only for consideration to partner with RMI and shall not be sent on to any third party outside or RMI without your written permission.