RMI pool of consultants comprises technical specialists working in the field of international development providing technical assistance to Government, donor and other management bodies. The expertise within the existing pool includes anthropologists/social scientists, engineers, public finance specialists, management information systems (MIS) consultants and corporate system specialists.


The RMI pool of consultants have vast experience using best-practice in a variety of development programs, from small grass-roots projects to large multi-sectoral or national programs. RMI consultants engage with donors and Governments to design and develop programs, with consideration of the supporting environment in terms of governance and institutional strengths, human and capital resources, civil society, private sectors, key stakeholders, cultural and social context and country history. Our focus is on poverty reduction approaches involving institutional capacity building. We are able to develop a range of program designs to suit the context and develop frameworks which are relevant for specific country contexts. This includes both program frameworks and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks. RMI also provides program setup and startup support to get the program up and running rapidly aiming at delivery at scale. We also provide targeted program reviews and evaluations, with a view towards embedding positive change from program lessons. RMI as a company has carried out program set up and implementation support work for NCDDP program in Myanmar, institutional support for transition of PNPM program delivery to Village Law (Village Self Governance program) in Indonesia, and programming support for IRCCNH program in Vanuatu for its early recovery operations. RMI also support corporate sector players to design, develop, implement and review/evaluate their programs and activities to effectively meet their own corporate social responsibilities.


RMI consultants have a range of experience in training and capacity building of local stakeholders including project staff, Government, institutions and communities (both urban and rural). We advocate that capacity building is key to progressive development, with the aim to upskill in a range of capacities and levels. We believe in participatory and adult training learning methods that are engaging and effective. We provide a range of capacity building techniques which take into account the cultural and social context of the audience as well as the desired outcomes of the program. We have a wealth of experience in creating and setting up a facilitation task force, building training systems, designing training modules and implementing A?ai??i??E?Training of TrainerA?ai??i??ai??? (ToT) techniques. RMI as a company has carried out training and capacity building technical consulting services for the Village Law implementation in Indonesia, developed and implemented a Training of Trainers (ToT) system for NCDDP in Myanmar, and designed training modules as well as conducted trainerA?ai??i??ai???s workshops for IRCCNH program in Vanuatu


RMI consultants have a wealth of experience in policy development and design, including evidence-based policy development, support to Government to develop policy and associated regulations to establish poverty reduction programs, development of manuals and guidelines for effective and transparent program implementation. This includes in areas of governance structure, finance, administration, community development and community driven development, engineering, water and sanitation, natural resource management / climate change, as well as policies in gender and social inclusion. RMI are also able to review existing policy and strategies and bring them in line with best practice and with other sectors and institutions where needed. RMI as a company has provided technical assistance services for the PNDS program in Timor-Leste, and the Village Law program in Indonesia.