Praful N. Soni

Infrastructure Specialist

Praful has over 35 years’ experience in development and humanitarian programs across South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. His main areas of expertise are decentralized participatory infrastructure planning and investment; technical design and execution of community infrastructure particularly roads, bridges, schools and health centers; community contracting and contracts management; and operation and maintenance of completed infrastructure. He also has expertise in capacity-building to stimulate local social and economic development; strategic planning and visioning with focus on cultural and social aspects, gender related issues; environmental and social safeguards; monitoring and evaluation; and identification of project bottlenecks, success stories and lesson learned. Praful worked extensively on the Myanmar National Community Driven Development Project. Prior to this, he led the engineering section of the Indonesian Nias Islands Rural Access Capacity Building Project, and previous to that led the construction units of both Nias and Western Aceh post-tsunami reconstruction program. Praful holds a Master of Architecture in Advanced Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a Master of Architecture from the University of Nairobi. He speaks Gujarati and English fluently, and is familiar with Kiswahili, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesian and Arabic.