Paul Boon

Community Development and Local Governance Specialist
Paul is an International Development Aid professional with more than 30 years’ experience working in Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Nepal, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Belgium and France. His focus is on community development and community driven development (CDD), community empowerment and community organizing, rural development and livelihoods, local democratic governance, local government engagement with civil society, multi-stakeholder engagement for improved frontline service delivery, poverty alleviation and more effective gender and social inclusive development. Paul has experience in identification, planning and formulation of development programs; strategic management of aid programs; optimizing cooperation between government and non-government/civil society organizations related to public service delivery, planning and budgeting processes; developing and implementing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks; action-oriented Research & Development, Outcome Mapping, Participatory Learning Approaches, Image-based Monitoring and Evaluation techniques and other Participatory Extension and Evaluation processes; developing Continuous Learning Strategies; dissemination of Lessons Learnt to enhance Institutional Learning; training and facilitation of project cycle management, logical framework approaches, outcome mapping, result based management, gender and poverty inclusion and participatory research methodologies; sustainable rural banking systems and institutionalizing mechanisms for rural credits; organizational capacity assessments; as well as in providing backstopping for programs. Paul holds a Masters in Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and is a member of the Asset Based Community Development Asia Pacific Network and the Australian Institute of Management. He is fluent in English, Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia and has a working knowledge of French and German.