About Us

RMI is an international development consultancy. We have expertise in program design, program start up support, program reviews, training and capacity building, and evidence based policy design and development. We are specialists in Rural Development approaches with a specialized pool of technical assistance to support Community Driven Development approaches and its application in different sectors, e.g. to improve access to basic infrastructure and services through accelerated delivery; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), local governance, community-based natural resource management, livelihoods, disaster reduction and disaster response. We have both in-house experienced resources to support Clients in their development program needs as well as access to many external resources on a range of themes and services; offering both long term assignment and short term assignment expertise.


Our vision is to provide appropriate expertise to ensure programs have the highest positive impact for governments and communities, combining international development best practice with in-depth country context knowledge to effectively bring about long term sustainable development and change. Our aim focusses on three core values:

  • Building Country. To provide technical assistance for the design, development and management of international development assisted programs implemented in countries of emerging democracies and economies, to contribute to their efforts in meeting national targets for social and economic development, such as the sustainable development goals and the climate change initiatives.
  • Building People. To provide expertise through a regular pool of consultants and other professionals to build the capacity of institutions and individuals in these countries who are involved in the development of public policy, programs and its implementation to meet national development goals and targets.
  • Building Governance. To provide technical assistant support services to build capacity of national and local stakeholders, to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of governance in policy, programming and operations management.



Myanmar has a complex history of peace and stability. With the country’s transition to democracy, international development is also transitioning from small scale relief and local development initiatives to sectoral development; particularly in education, environment, health, livelihoods and civil society with national delivery at scale. RMI has provided its Technical Assistance to support implementation of a national Government-led World Bank assisted project NCDDP for its township initiative, managed by Cardno Emerging Markets Pte Ltd. RMI also provided its Technical Assistance services to the Department of Rural Development (Myanmar Government) and the implementing agencies for NCDDP to set up the National Training System (using a Training of Trainers Cascade approach) to deliver training at scale.


Indonesia has steady economic growth but also challenging population growth, leading to poverty alleviation targeting on priority by the Government. A large focus for international development in Indonesia is livelihoods, economic governance, human resources, infrastructure and social policy. Attention also goes to areas within Eastern Indonesia to balance out regional support disparities. Indonesia is also very vulnerable to natural disasters making it in need also of emergency relief. RMI has worked in Indonesia on Australian Aid funded PRSF  and KOMPAK Governance for Growth.


Timor-Leste has made some development progress and stability since its independence in 1999, due largely to its oil and gas supplies. The Timor-Leste Government and donor partners are concentrating much of their efforts on the sectors of health, education, industry, infrastructure and nutrition.. RMI has worked in Timor-Leste on the Government led national program PNDS


Vanuatu is made up of many islands and suffers from frequent natural disasters. The country faced a national crisis caused by Cyclone Pam in March 2015. The relief and recovery operations remained the priority of the Government and donors, with a focus also on climate change initiatives and natural resource management to allow national readiness and improved community resilience to future events. RMI has worked in Vanuatu on World Bank assisted IRCCNH